Crafting Local Solutions for Lasting Impact

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Collaborate. Innovate. Act.

Engaging the Community
In June 2017, the Foundation launched its Resilient Communities Initiative with a three-part community briefing series headlined by well-known experts on community resilience and findings from an independent study focused on assessing our local and regional capacity for future resilience. The series launched a community dialogue around strengthening regional resilience and finding ways to ensure our local communities’ long-term economic and social well-being. 

Today, The Foundation is directing its energy and expertise on catalyzing greater coordination and collaboration among leaders and stakeholders to enhance the quality of life, drive economic vitality and ensure a stronger, better future for all in our communities. 
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Understanding Community Resilience

Research conducted by the Wisconsin Policy Forum uncovered troubling trends impacting the future of local communities in Greater Racine.  Across the country, greater-metro areas are reversing similar negative trends.  Four common themes emerged in each success story: visionary cross-sector leaders who embrace change, recognition of the whole being greater than the sum of its individual parts, neighboring community collaboration, and a sense of urgency to quell negative trends before effects fully manifest. 

Our goal is to inspire and catalyze collaborative solutions ​for thriving, resilient, equitable southeastern Wisconsin communities​. For us, nothing matters more than the future health and well-being of all in our community.