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Racine Collaborative for Children’s Mental Health
The Johnson Foundation convened the Racine Collaborative for Children’s Mental Health (C2MH) after undertaking a six-month research project in 2012 to more fully explore the issue of children’s mental health in our local community.  Over 100 public, private, and non-profit partners designed and implemented a plan to improve the mental health of Racine’s youth. The collaboration led to service improvements and new programs including the establishment of Racine Unified School District’s first school-based mental health clinic in 2015, a community-wide anti-stigma campaign, and children’s mental health literacy program. Today, the Collaborative continues expanding the school-based mental health clinic model community-wide. 
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Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes
The Foundation mobilized the Greater Racine collaborative for healthy birth outcomes to combat African American infant mortality crisis in Racine.  Dozens of organizations worked together on a five-year plan to cut these mortality rates in half. The Collaborative’s efforts resulted in increased access to quality health care, reduced stress caused by social and economic inequities, and strengthened families.
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School Readiness Coalition
The Foundation established a School Readiness Coalition that agreed to uniformly use a nationally accepted developmental screening tool for kindergarten students. The screening tool was then piloted by a broad group of public and private childhood educators. More than 150 children in Racine between the ages of four and five participated in the Coalition’s pilot project. Results from the project helped Coalition partners and kindergarten teachers better meet the educational needs of children.
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Charting New Waters
Beginning in 2008 and over the course of six years, The Johnson Foundation’s Charting New Waters initiative convened more than 600 experts representing diverse sectors and perspectives for intensive, solution-oriented work on U.S. freshwater issues. The culmination of that work was Navigating to New Shores, a report meant to provide a platform for our many partners and other leaders as they continue to address water resource and infrastructure challenges.
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Navigating to New Shores report
The Road Toward Smarter Nutrient Management in Municipal Water Treatment
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