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We have always been the place people come to tackle significant societal issues. Our setting, one that inspires new thinking and relationship-building, has been relied upon over the years by well-known dignitaries, thought leaders, and community stakeholders.   Our landmark conferences have brought forth organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, the International Criminal Court, Public Allies, and national plans such as the 1983 Policy Framework for Racial Justice and 2008 Presidential Climate Action Plan. From its beginning, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread has been at the forefront of designing conferences that inspire conversations and ignite change. 

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Policy Framework for Racial Justice, 1983

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Combating Human Trafficking in Wisconsin in an Era of Economic Growth
February 21, 2019

Climate Action Plan

Presidential Climate Action Plan:
A Real-Time Review June 26-28, 2007