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On the Water Front

Hosted by Lynn Broaddus, Ph.D. MBA | Director, Environment Programs

Great Lakes: Where’s the justice?

Do you dream of being Gwen Ifill or John Stewart? I don’t, but nonetheless I recently had a chance to moderate a panel as part of Great Lakes Week.

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Showering Without Guilt

One of the things I remember my father saying about Mundy Point, a small peninsula of land on Virginia’s coastal plain that I’ve been visiting since before I had braces, was that it was blessed with an artesian water system. At the time I didn’t fully understand what that meant, but I knew it was good.

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Fracking: A Train's-Eye View

A few days ago, the New York Times ran a piece about increasing rail traffic in the Pacific Northwest due to growing shipments of oil from the Bakken fields in North Dakota, as well as coal headed for westward export across the Pacific Ocean. While this increased traffic is great for the rail business, it means very busy tracks in Spokane, Wash., the pinch point through which the trains all travel.

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Weathering the Perfect Storm - and Growing Blue at the same time

Last week I had the honor of posting a piece on the blog for Growing Blue, a project dedicated to water sustainability, including economic sustainability. You can see it on the Growing Blue site, but I've also pasted the text below.

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Who Needs Clean Water?

How many times do we have to remind ourselves of the difference between wants and needs?  If forced to sort through the material goods in my life, there’s no question that I’d put clean water into my bucket of ‘needs’.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t splash some of it over into my ‘want’ bucket too.  Sometimes (often times) we want water for the sheer joy of it, especially on the long, clear days that mark the start of summer.

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Losing Lake Michigan one Light Bulb at a Time

When you use electricity, what do you think of? When I turn on a light, or hear the dehumidifier humming in the basement, I might think about carbon dioxide emissions, or streams that are impacted near the coal fields of my mother’s home state of West Virginia.  Maybe I think about my next electric bill. But one thing that’s for certain: I think about how much water is being used with every kilowatt hour of electricity that I use. 

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Getting Climate Smarter, thanks to American Rivers and NRDC

Two weeks ago at this time I was saying good-bye to a small group of experts who had gathered at Wingspread to discuss the ways that our country’s water infrastructure could provide solutions to some of the challenges that lie ahead, especially those tied to a changing climate.

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Water Infrastructure Meets Climate Change

This morning’s news made mention that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions continue to decrease. This is extremely welcome news, but we can hardly consider the job done. There is much work ahead, and all sectors need to be part of the solution.

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What did she win? …. A BRAND NEW water meter!

When Susie Seidelman, The Johnson Foundation's Environment Program Associate, needed to be at home to meet the meter replacement technician, I asked her to turn it into a learning adventure for us all. I think this post provides an interesting perspective as to how cities are approaching their water infrastructure.~ Lynn Broaddus

A few weeks ago, I received a letter from Milwaukee Water Works letting me know all the water meters in my neighborhood would be replaced. Read More

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