Who We Are

We plan and host meetings that have impact on the future of the environment and our community.

Our Conference Center

Our conference center is one of inspired design with iconic architecture and lush natural landscape. Located on 36 acres in Racine, Wisconsin, along the western shores of Lake Michigan, grounds are graced by natural forest, nature trails, floral gardens, streams and a private art collection. We are committed to maintaining our center by employing green, sustainable practices.

There are three main buildings on the grounds:

  • Wingspread, a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building, originally the H.F. Johnson family home, now used as meeting, dining and gathering space during conferences.
  • The House, H.F.’s home in his later years, where the majority of conferences convene at The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread.
  • The Guest House, which provides luxury overnight accommodations and informal gathering spaces for conference participants.