What We Do

We plan and host meetings that have impact on the future of the environment and our community.

What We Do

We plan and host meetings that have impact on the future of the environment and our community.  We intentionally weave together the right people with timely and important topics in order to spur collective action.   

Our convening model is unique.  Conferences have specific objectives, but no preconceived final outcomes.  Invited guests represent a rich tapestry of viewpoints: all are welcomed, respected and heard.  There is collaboration; there is camaraderie; there is commitment; there is change.  Gracious, five-star hospitality is another thread common to our conferences and one that serves to put our guests at ease so that they can focus on what’s important.     

Environment Program

For-profit, non-profit, public policy and academic sectors converge to deliberate environmental issues.  For example, Charting New Waters grew out of a multi-year forum series addressing the looming crisis in our nation’s freshwater systems and resources.  Our next forum series envisions an America where sustainable consumption=making new choices, exploring the sociological, marketplace and policy drivers needed to spark sustainable consumption patterns.  Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in the sustainable practices employed in the management of our conferences and facilities.

Community Program

The community issues we choose to tackle serve as a microcosm of the challenges facing the nation as a whole.  Committed, informed leaders and citizens engage in constructive dialogue to craft local solutions that can have national implications.  A monumental local public/private partnership has emerged to help ensure 4-K students are prepared for success in school.  Focus on the soaring crisis of African American infant mortality in Racine and the nation gave rise to The Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes and its five-year plan to cut these mortality rates in half. 

The Johnson Foundation hosts public informational briefings and selective public events to benefit key, local non-profit organizations.  Conference guidelines detail criteria used to determine meeting topics and partners.