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Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive and lasting change leading to healthier environments and communities.

Inspiring Solutions - Community

Inspiring Solutions is a new web feature that mirrors our mission: to be a catalyst for innovative solutions through respectful and impactful dialogue. We do this by bringing together the right people on timely and compelling topics and empowering them to find solutions that change society for the better. Inspiring Solutions is our way of expanding these dialogues outside the walls of Wingspread.

America today is at a crossroads. Our challenges are great. But, these challenges can be met. To do so, we must move beyond the acrimonious debate and partisan rancor that characterizes much of today’s national conversation. That’s where this new feature comes in - think of it as a small oasis in the desert of demagoguery.

Inspiring Solutions is a place where we can discuss difficult issues and tackle tough problems; but always with respect for one another and a resolve to find common ground that leads to real progress.

- Roger C. Dower, President of The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

School-Based Mental Health Services

Across the country, parents, teachers and administrators are starting to see the benefits and challenges associated with providing mental health services to children in schools. As many as 20 percent of children and youth have a diagnosable mental health disorder, and yet less than a third of those will receive the services they need. Some have argued that a school-based mental health program brings much–needed care directly to children, while simultaneously reducing multiple barriers to access. Advocates for this model suggest that it will help schools improve academic performance, ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, address classroom behavior, identify and respond to mental health needs, and provide support to families and friends. However, others suggest this approach may incur logistical challenges, reduce parent involvement or may stress the capacity of providers.

What are the greatest opportunities and challenges to implementing school-based mental health services, and what can be done to ensure the success of the students and families they serve?

Laying the Groundwork

Ashley Staeck
Senior Associate
Community Program, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

Increasing access to treatment by bringing mental health services directly to students in schools ...  Read More

Preparing for a New Model

Dr. Eric Gallien
Chief of Schools
Racine Unified School District

During a time in which enhancing educator effectiveness is the trendy reform in K-12 institutions ... Read More

PATH: A Model of Success

Karen Johnston
Grant Coordinator and Mental Health Consultant for the United Way Fox Cities

Throughout my career, I have observed, over many decades, the great need – and oftentimes unlimited opportunities ... Read More

Building Partnerships for Success

Dr. Mark A. Sander - Mental Health Coordinator for Hennepin County and Minneapolis Public Schools
School-based mental health, when done well, can significantly increase access to and engagement in mental health services ...  Read More

Addressing the Challenges of Innovative Care

Julie Hueller, Vice President of Operations at Wheaton Franciscan Health Care – All Saints
The vast majority of research has painted a promising picture of implementing School-Based Mental Health Clinics ... Read More

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