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Our mission is to be a catalyst for positive and lasting change leading to healthier environments and communities.

Inspiring Solutions

Inspiring Solutions is a new web feature that mirrors our mission: to be a catalyst for innovative solutions through respectful and impactful dialogue. We do this by bringing together the right people on timely and compelling topics and empowering them to find solutions that change society for the better. Inspiring Solutions is our way of expanding these dialogues outside the walls of Wingspread.

America today is at a crossroads. Our challenges are great. But, these challenges can be met. To do so, we must move beyond the acrimonious debate and partisan rancor that characterizes much of today’s national conversation. That’s where this new feature comes in - think of it as a small oasis in the desert of demagoguery.

Inspiring Solutions is a place where we can discuss difficult issues and tackle tough problems; but always with respect for one another and a resolve to find common ground that leads to real progress.

- Roger C. Dower, President of The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread


Ensuring a safe and reliable source of fresh water is fundamental to life. This is increasingly challenging in growing urban areas where intense water demands from residential, commercial, industrial, and energy sectors is the new norm. It poses a similar challenge to the large swaths of the country that are experiencing long-term drought or reaching the limits of their current supply.

Given your own experience and expertise, what role can distributed infrastructure play as a means of achieving greater resiliency, sustainability and security across our water systems?

Some Good Advice

Lynn Broaddus
Director, Environment Program
The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread

My father used to say, in referring to grandchildren, “When you make them this good, you can’t stop at one (or two).”  Read More

Has the Pendulum Reached its Apex?

Matt Ries
Chief Technical Officer at the Water Environment Federation

Thanks to the work of epidemiologist John Snow in 1854, we learned that the growing density of cities and their inhabitants’ needs ...  Read More

A System for the Future

Edward A. Clerico
President, Natural Systems Utilities

After having experienced firsthand the benefits that can be achieved via distributed water resource infrastructure ...  Read More

A Water Infrastructure Renaissance

Diane Taniguchi-Dennis
P.E., Deputy General Manager at Clean Water Services

Our solutions are based on what questions we ask. If the problem is framed solely as compliance with the next water quality parameter ...  Read More

The Best of Both Worlds

Ralph Exton
Chief Marketing Officer at GE Water & Process Technologies

Is it time to alter the way we look at urban water systems in the U.S.? For decades, the current, centralized infrastructure model has gone relatively unchanged ...  Read More

Foundation for Investments

David Waggonner
Principal, Waggonner & Ball Architects

Water management is a matter of scale and a question of balance. As resources are strained, systems tested by climate extremes ...  Read More

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